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Muscle Cramps & Spasms

Muscle Cramps

Mild Spasms

Contains Meta Mag®, an easily absorbed form of magnesium, that works with your body to support your muscles. Mega Magnesium provides support for muscle cramps and mild spasms.

Relax Mind & Body for a Good Night Sleep

Healthy Sleeping Patterns

Relax the Mind & Body

Combines magnesium and passionflower to provide a multi-action effect that relaxes the body and calms the mind in preparation for sleep. Enjoy hot or cold before bed.

Relieve Stress & Tiredness

Relieve Tiredness

Support Energy Levels

Combines magnesium, essential B vitamins and Rhodiola to relieve tiredness, reduce stress and support energy levels so you can tackle life head on.

Muscle Strength & Mass

Muscle Strength

Enhance Muscle Mass*

This triple action formula combines magnesium, vitamin D and HMB, to maintain muscle strength, enhance healthy muscle mass* and relieve muscle cramps.

*In elderly individuals


We use an easily absorbed form of magnesium

Available in tablets and convenient powder

Tiered dose for maximum therapeutic benefits

High strength magnesium


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