Say Stick it to being Sick This Cold & Flu Season

Winter Is Nearly Over - But is the Sick Season?
Winter Is Nearly Over - But is the Sick Season?

Although winter is coming to an end; Sneezing and coughing may still be part of everyday vocabulary, and reaching for tissues and throat lozenges may be more frequent than checking your phone. Last year a record number of flu cases were reported in Australia1 and unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you know someone who has had a cold or flu. This serves as a timely reminder to check in with your health and ask yourself: How can I avoid catching something nasty? What’s good for my immune system? What can I do if I get sick?

What Factors Increase My Chances of Getting Sick?

It’s called sick season for a reason; More time is spent indoors in close proximity to others – and if someone is sneezing or coughing around you, it increases your chances of falling ill. Other factors that might increase the chances of getting sick include poor dietary choices (such as consuming excess sugar and alcohol), lack of sleep, and stress.2

Ain't No Sunshine When It Rains

When it’s cold and raining outside, there’s a natural urge to curl up with a warm drink and binge watch a TV series. However, when you’re enjoying the great indoors, you’re not only missing a little sunshine, but also the sunshine nutrient, vitamin D. Vitamin D helps maintain healthy immunity, so put the D back in your day with Ethical Nutrients Daily D, which may increase vitamin D levels and support a healthy immune system.

Off Sick Already?

If a cold or flu has knocked you down, it’s time to fight back. Where should you start? It might seem obvious, but have you taken some vitamin C? Ethical Nutrients Extra C Zingles may help to reduce the severity and duration of colds. What’s more, the chewable tablets contain buffered forms of vitamin C which are gentle on the stomach and teeth. Also, let’s not forget Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence, as this formula may reduce the duration of cold symptoms when taken twice daily.

Give Sick Days the Flick This Year

Calling in sick to work is generally a good decision when you’re unwell, but it’s not an easy task – there’s the conversation with your boss, and then the thought of your emails/work piling up. Luckily, Inner Health Immune Booster for Adults and Immune Defence may help give sick days the flick this year. Inner Health Immune Booster for Adults contains clinically trialled probiotic strains, Lactobacillus plantarum (HEAL 9) and Lactobacillus paracasei (8700:2), which may reduce the frequency of colds and the number of sick days due to colds. Furthermore, Immune Defence contains a superb combination of herbs and nutrients including andrographis, echinacea and zinc, and may help support healthy immune function when taken once daily.

Eat, Sleep, Exercise, Repeat!

While your immune system has a natural ability to fend off invaders, there are some healthy habits you can employ to benefit your immunity:

  • Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains as they provide valuable nutrients and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system;
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated; and
  • Adopt healthy sleep habits and exercise regularly, also beneficial for the immune system.3

In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle, remember to look out for Inner Health Immune Booster for Adults, Immune Defence, Daily D and Extra C Zingles to help keep your immune system firing this winter.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.